That's right, Bitches!  I used my charm on the parole board and now I'm walking the streets!  Can you believe it?  Of course, you can....  I'm OJ, and I can get away with murder, LOL!!

I've decided to postpone my search for the "Real Killers" and make a little cash.  I'm kinda low on scrilla, mofo's.  I need to replinish my fat stacks.  Some Network chumps approached me with the idea of doing a reality television show.  I said, "Hells yeah!"

 On the first episode I will meet with some married couples who are having a tough time.  I will give them advice on how to work things out peacefully.  Then I will meet with a terrorist cell and get tips on proper beheading techniques.  We gonna have a blast, yo!

This is all made possible by the good folks at Brentwood Blades Knife Company.  They've had my back since 1994.  They specialize in exotic cutlery for domestic purposes.  They have the best customer service in the world, too:  They will pick-up your bloody used knives and clean them before the cops show up.  Then they'll drive you to the airport.  They're great!

Keep a sharp eye out for my show this fall.  I'm gonna kill it, mofo's!

I'm coming, bitches. You better watch out for me.